Stephen Graham Jones Society

Welcome to the Stephen Graham Jones Society website, where you can find the latest scholarly news and teaching resources focused on the genre-bending works of Stephen Graham Jones.

The SGJ Society formed at the 2018 Western Literature Association (WLA) meeting in Saint Louis, MO. At the 2019 American Literature Association (ALA) conference, the society presented its first sponsored panel chaired by society president Billy J. Stratton with papers presented by our founder and former secretary Bernadette V. Russo, current secretary Joshua T. Anderson, and charter member Nadhia Grewal. Check out the SGJ Society newsletter 1.0 for more information on the founding of the SGJ Society and an interview with Stephen Graham Jones.

In 2020, the WLA presented Dr. Stephen Graham Jones with the Distinguished Achievement Award (DAA). Dr. Jones was presented the award by WLA co-presidents Rebecca M. Lush (Vice President of the SGJ Society) and Kerry Fine (charter member of the SGJ Society) during a recorded, virtual event. Check out the SGJ Society newsletter 2.0 to read more about what Rebecca and Kerry have to say about presenting Dr. Jones with the award honoring his many contributions to western American literature.

The Stephen Graham Jones Society would like to thank all of its members for supporting the organization. We would also like to thank the Western Literature Association, which served as our original meeting place and continues to host SGJ Society panels and events. Finally, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Stephen Graham Jones, who has generously supported the SGJ Society from its formation and whose work continues to inspire us, challenge us, terrify us, and entertain us.


The Stephen Graham Jones Society

Billy J. Stratton, President

Rebecca M. Lush, Vice President

Joshua T. Anderson, Secretary